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Books to Read in Second Grade

When it's time to read, have your second grader decide if he or she wants to read alone, read together with you or listen as you read. Whatever your child decides, make certain that you and your second grader discuss what was read. This will help your child improve comprehension skills and strategies and become a more proficient reader.

Make Connections With Strong Characters
Read books with characters who demonstrate courage, perseverance, cooperation, honesty, kindness, or loyalty

When Time & Place Matters
Read books where the setting (time and place) is important to the plot of the story

Consider Different Points of View
Read books that are told from different characters perspectives

Understand What’s Similar and Different
Read books which encourage you to make comparisons and contrasts

Grow With Rich Vocabulary
Read books that use words to enrich your vocabulary and experiences with the world

Illustrations That Tell a Story
Read books that rely on illustrations to move the story along